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A collection of texts, reviews and articles on various projects. In many cases I am referred to by my avatar’s name – Nonnatus Korhonen. Some of these texts provide insight into my work that can only be provided by a third party with a critical mind and a sense of adventure when exploring the works themselves.

‘temporary self portrait in preparation for the singularity’

On exhibition at the Australian Nation Portrait Gallery and on ‘Portrait Island’ in Second Life as part of the doppelgänger project.

* Pod Cast inteview about this work between myself and curator doppelgänger Gill Raymond:

*NPG site and notes about the work and the exhibition as a whole:

* The Metaverse Journal’s article on doppelgänger:

*A photo set by ‘mabmacmoragh’ on Flickr :

‘uncharted pages from a voyage of the beagle’

* Annie Spinster’s insightful essay focusing on this project as a case study :

* Alpha Auer (Elif Ayiter) , as always has an uncanny knack for understanding the more subtle subtexts of my work :

‘Like the Fall Never Happened’

* Photographed in Second Life by Kean Kelly :

* Bryn Oh’s machinema and humorous text which describe the creatures of this work as ‘needle birds':


* A short discussion of the ‘oracle’ project by Aleister Kronos, including some good images :

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